General Terms and Conditions of Sale


In purchasing from us, our customers accept our General Terms and Conditions of Sale and current prices, which cancel any document that may contradict them.
The customer undertakes to compensate our Company in full, within the limits determined by law, for any losses, costs, damage and interest arising as a result of any breach of this guarantee of compliance.


Our tickets are sold based on the price applicable in mainland France on the purchase date. Our prices are inclusive of all taxes. Prices may be changed provided that standard industry notice period is respected.


Tickets are issued when payment is made by bank card. When issued the tickets are the responsibility of the buyer. It is the addressee’s responsibility to check their tickets. Under no circumstances can our Company be held liable for the loss of tickets after they have been issued.


Tickets are payable in full, without any discount. Any disputes recognised by our company as having merit, or any invoices owed by our company, shall not give rise to automatic compensation by the client. Our company undertakes to resolve the issue after checks have been carried out.


Our tickets remain our property until the sale price is paid in full. Any clause to the contrary shall be deemed not to have been written. If the tickets have been issued, our company reserves the right to claim them in accordance with the provisions of law n° 85-98 of 25 January 1985. Until they are paid in full, our tickets are in the care of the buyer who must assume the risks that may incur or cause, whatever the cause, even in the case of a force majeure event, a fortuitous event or a third party event. Should our tickets be changed or resold, we expressly reserve the right to claim back the price.


In the event of even partial non-payment of the tickets issued, we reserve the right to request the immediate payment of any outstanding sums. In this case, and in cases of changes in the defaulting party’s situation, of an inability to pay, change to or winding up of a company, any jeopardy, irrespective of cause, the agreement may be lawfully terminated in full or in part by ourselves, after giving notice to the client by recorded delivery, signed-for letter, with no other formality required and without prejudice to any damages. In the event that our company were not to invoke this clause, we may reserve the right to request guarantees that the agreements in place would be fulfilled.


We reserve the option of suspending or terminated any or all of the agreements entered into in the case of a force majeure event. In particular, the Company reserves the right to cancel boat departures without notice as a result of weather conditions.


Any dispute relating to the implementation and/or interpretation of our prices and general terms and conditions of sale shall cease to be admissible 12 months after the end of financial year in which these documents entered into effect. Any disputes of any nature, shall be referred to the Commercial Court (Tribunal de Commerce) of Cannes, which shall have jurisdiction even in the case of multiple respondents or third-party claims.