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Order your return boat tickets for an exceptional day trip to Saint-Honorat Island.

Wander the paths under the maritime pine trees and discover this listed historical monument (Monument de France) with its seven chapels, its Napoleonic cannonball furnace, its 11th century fortified monastery tower, its abbey, its abbey church, its vineyards and its wine and liqueur production. Several different eateries are available on site.

15 minutes from Cannes, discover 16 centuries of religious, cultural, natural and historic heritage and enjoy a unique experience.

Crossing Times

Round trip shuttle 7 days – 7 days
Valid from 10/02/2024 to 31/03/2024

Departure from Cannes
8H00* 9H00 10H00 11H00 12H00
14H00 15H00 16H00
Departure from Saint Honorat
8H30* 9H30 10H30 11H30 12H30
14H30 15H30 16H30

*Only on Sundays and public holidays

In accordance with current regulations, it is no longer compulsory to wear a mask. It remains authorised for passengers who wish to keep it on board.
Hydroalcoholic gel available on board.
Please contact the ticket office on 0033 (0)4 92 98 71 38 for more information on shuttle departures

Information on your tickets to Saint-Honorat Island


Online tickets must be printed or presented on a smart phone.
If this is not possible, please purchase your tickets directly from the ticket office at Planaria on Quai des Iles, at the rear of the Laubeuf car park.
If you are going on a retreat only state the date for the outward journey, the return will be on the date agreed with the hotel.
Dogs are permitted provided that they are kept on a lead.


In the event of any problems with your order, you can send an email to planariaadmin@abbayedelerins.com.

You can send an email to planariaadmin@abbayedelerins.com.


All tickets are Round trip

Adult 16,50€  (18,00)
Concessionary rate * 16,00€
Teenager (13 to 18) 15,00€
Junior (8 to 13) 11,00€
Child (4 to 8) 8,00€
– 4 Years old Free
Group rate * 15,00€


Concessionary rates available for:
Students, Disabled, Unemployed, Cannes Bel-âge and over-65s.

Proof will be requested at the time of boarding.

Quay access plan

Let's protect our natural heritage

The monastic community of Lérins Abbey, which has been involved for several years in a sustainable development approach, invites all visitors of Saint-Honorat Island to participate in the preservation of this exceptional site by bringing back to the continent all their waste.

The waste left on the island causes significant nuisance on the fauna and is often dispersed at sea: Lérins Abbey has thus decided, by taking example on many other sites, to remove all the garbage cans from the island.

We Warmly thank everyone who will participate in this process.

If you wish to attend mass, please consult the reception and health conditions by clicking here. We inform you that access to the Tower-Monastery is closed to visitors.

In addition, we inform you that the wearing of the mask is compulsory on board the boats, the accesses of arrival and departure of the island are regulated for your safety and that of other visitors